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No one seeing your medical emergency. The overall message of these games it to say that if nuclear war occurred, the next generation would have to live in a "Kill or be killed" world as they fight for scarce supplies. His tail was curled tight against his shaking form, and he squeaked in terror, dashing to the back of the shoe- technically the front where the toes went- to try and hide. You can look anyway you want. Chris woke up seeing his surounding melling a bad smell like sweat and musk he looks around to see he was in a guys underwear he then tries to climb out to run.

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You look up and you see the giant owner of the clothes you hide in staring at you

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The Locker Room Giantess Vore

Just a heads up, there are a few rules. You faint in the middle of the hall, spilling your books and backpack out on the floor. Just what caused him to be here?!

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