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The Video The cinematography in a movie like Van Wilder is almost always secondary, so we aren't treated to much visually. Some insight into some of the more repugnant scenes in the film would have been welcome. The film is straightforward and technically sound, but it won't rock your senses. Fans of the ever-expanding gross-out genre will find a lot here to please them. The Audio Again, this is not an audio showcase disc, but the sound is decent.

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There are the standard fart jokes, boob jokes, wang jokes, and drug jokes.

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Ivana Bozilovic - National Lampoon's Van Wilder (2002)

He approaches the role with such vigor and frankness that you cannot help cheering him on in his carnal exploits. Now it's arrived on DVD, in a two-disc set from Artisan that is all extraed-up. There's cross-dressing, tons of bodily fluid jokes, cheesy and unnecessary but oh-so-necessary for the genre nudity, and lots of sex-related banter.

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