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Later on during the Flash orientated DLC she becomes one of the roaming targets of evil orientated players for a repeatable quest where she is normally found in Metropolis. It was discovered that the new crisis was due to the renegade Kryptonian Superboy Prime , shifting the positions of planets in that sector of space. In the New 52, Starfire is a capable strategist and starship commander. The sisters then became the helpless subjects of cruel experiments. Eventually, Starfire bursts out of the creature killing it.

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Roy gets teleported back along with Blackfire in an elaborate ruse to save her.

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She then leaves them to be alone for a time being. Blackfire's goal was to extract Starfire's powers with special technology and re-channel them into her own body, permanently giving herself the power of flight and further enhancing her other powers. The Outlaws drop Jason off in Isabel's home. Her elder sister Komand'r later known as Blackfire was the victim of a rare childhood disease that rendered her unable to fly.

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