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A man who's pornography is sick, and pervese, yet strangely entertaining. She seems to have thought that the urine would be fake, or edited to look a certain way, or done with some type of trickery or illusion. Her mind had to twist or bend during that moment when she tasted the hot rancid piss in order not to break. The level of her shame has to be infinitesimal : cashing the check, actually showing up for the scene, the ATM, being gagged and made to puke on herself, the gaping till her anus wouldn't close, the crying and blowing snot bubbles as Max clearly enjoyed tapping that ass every which way but up, etc Although she seems to have worked with Max before looking at the production dates.

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Khloe. Age: 25.
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This is one of the most shocking, disgraceful, introductions to hardcore porn ever caught on camera or released to the public.

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Zuri. Age: 20.
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Although it may be very sexually exciting from a third person point of view for the sick, perverted, sadist, fetishist , voyeur , that is sometimes buried deep inside of us. Me: Yeah, I cant stop watching it. As he barks orders to her like a demanding Drill Sergeant , almost forcing her throughout the scene to obey his masterful sometimes almost belligerent or borderline abusive commands.

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