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tumblr street candid
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Did you take or are you planning to take a writing class at another school? Friedlander captures the cheesy replica of the Statue of Liberty welcoming visitors to Las Vegas. The street itself is fundamental in capturing these candid photos. Nearly fifty years later, American artist Lee Friedlander published his own epic collection of street photography taken between the late s and early s in America by Car. When Frank and Friedlander took the photographs that would eventually make up The Americans and America by Car , photography was a heavily involved process.

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Whatever the case, even through their delusions and illusions, their perseverance, hope, and pride, even in the worst of conditions, is what unites these people as Americans.

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At the heart of America are the unremarkable gas stations, bus stops, factories, parks, suburbs, newspaper stands, drive-in movies, taxi drivers, youths, and dog-walkers that make up so much of the nation. Appointments can be booked online. And much of their activities involve simple things like newspaper stands and bus stops where they read about the world and travel out into it. Without artificial lighting, staged backgrounds, or framing, a street photographer looks around him, spots something of interest, and with a few quick snapshots his shoot is over.

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