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And would you like some tea? While it's not really something I would do, I didn't bother to correct his assumptions. The former Seeker shifted one of his hands around her hips, which now shook in response to every powerful thrust, to her crotch, quickly finding her clit and began stroking it in time with his movements. Harry couldn't believe it, but as her body seized with orgasmic joy, her sphincter tightened around his cock, squeezing it wonderfully tighter and encouraging his own climax. And as he approached and knocked on the door of the home of his best friends, he knew his day was only going to get better.

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Fortunately for Hermione, it's a price she is more than willing to pay.

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However, as the brainy witch attempted to deepen the kiss, she ended up being disappointed as Harry pulled away when she thrust her tongue into his mouth. The bushy haired witch chuckled at Harry's explanation, finding the feared gangster's misconceptions highly amusing. The former Auror nodded, placing his teacup down. As it so happens, I'm paying them back with my body as it's the only means I have.

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