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Here we see Miles dressed up as a human-sized chicken who grabs a Barbie doll from an overcrowded cage packed full of wailing dolls, and proceeds to wave the clearly suffering doll around her head. Somehow it became OK not to print pictures of three-year-olds, rebbetzins… any female aged zero to Teaching our great-grandmothers to cook In one Instagram post, for example, in which she is wearing one of her trademark glamorous dresses and killer heels, Miles talks about her own painful experience of suffering from multiple miscarriages before having her children, and challenges the silence surrounding pregnancy loss. Keren David Thursday, November 28, You are your own biggest advocate. Taking a pair of large kitchen scissors, Adina Miles starts hacking away viciously at her glamorous, long, brunette sheitel.

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Marisol. Age: 26.
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She is still proud of her achievements during her campaign in educating and mobilising young frum people — who have traditionally not been active voters — to register to vote.

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Adaline. Age: 32.
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The Jewish Chronicle

Predictably, Miles has to deal with constant criticism on and offline, often with a misogynistic tinge. This was the start of her quest for knowledge, and she later went on to college, gaining a BA followed by an MA in Medieval Literature. Humour operates as an effective method for her brand of social commentary.

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