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But if I were you, i'd choose Dare as an armor build. Also remember that, as an ONI operative, Dare has unique armor. Now, You could probably mix all three into a custom set or choose from the one above. It's missing a couple of ODST pieces. Forums New posts Search forums Non-stemming search. Agent Arizona Well-Known Member.

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It doesn't look like Dare uses a base torso and instead uses that stomach pack object.

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Female ODST Close Up

And she obviously doesn't use base shoulders or the odst shoulders. I'm using foam on my build and it's a bit easier to mod. Though I can't seem to find any files or even info on the chance that there is a 3D model for a female set. I'll definitely be looking into Dare's armor, since I can't even remember the differences in her's from a regular ODST's off the top of my head.

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