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Like if you want to join me. I feel way better today than 2 days ago. So I made it my stress reliever to make it to the gym at least 5 times a week. Today when I went to pull on my workout pants i thought they felt kind of loose. I usually follow up with some quick 30 second stretches that make me feel super loose and fluid all day. Y'all are beautiful too I just need some variety.

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Who knew walking and eating less actually does feel great haha Maybe I should try lightly jogging today? So today I had -a shit ton of watermelon -2 cups of coffee WHOOPSIE only one cup with actual sugar tho so betterrrr - 2 slices of pizza my dad brought some home -and a handful of sweet potatos H. Well because a bath is a form of treating myself and I was in a mood so I jumped in the tub and said fuck you not today depression.

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