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traps femboys
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But yeah that's the difference between the two words. People born in the wrong sex and transition to alleviate their gender dysphoria. Differences between traps and femboys self. They usually don't put in a lot of effort to "pass" and just kind of look really feminine more than just androgynous, usually without trying too hard. Their goal is not to look exactly like a woman but just to look hyper feminine androgynous. Basically, if you had to just give a strict definition, I would say it's guy who is "non-conforming" to some degree or another but isn't trans or a full blown trap. It does not necessarily connote passing as a girl, it's usually more about an esthetic.

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Michelle. Age: 21.
traps femboys

Yes I like to wear tight clothes and most of my clothing is women's clothes from skinny leggings and short shorts to flare or bootcut styled pants and cropped tops, stuff like that.

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Adelaide. Age: 28.
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Saturday is the only official day for selfies, there's usually a thread started sometime Friday night. I mean i'd believe you, but the one thing that doesn't make sense is how can the word otokonoko be a play on words if it's used to mean boy? We don't say bigoted things, we don't be mean to each other, and we don't hurt anyone's feelings. They're trans, and probably don't use things like breast implants or wigs.

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