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She unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and squeezed the nipple of her right breast. She wondered what made the idea of having sex with a horse so appealing and decided that it was a combination of things. Throwing her head side to side as more penetrated, she felt it enter her tight cervix, stretch, push, a scream escaped her lips. Finally, after minutes, Buck reared up, pulling his still huge member from her cunt so quickly that it made a loud sucking pop. The stallion had been bathed that afternoon, and his fresh smell and taste was just carrying her along in a sexual frenzy. The soft velvety skin felt like it was too sensitive to handle, the whole idea too bizarre to pursue when the head of his cock slid out into her hand.

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Rubbing her hand along his back, Lisa walked down his left flank to examine his maleness from a closer view point.

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At that she ran her hands along his flank, reached under his belly and massaged the bulge where his cock would appear. She got out of the water and stood in the sun to dry, and as she was letting the sunlight caress her, she pondered her experience. It kept sliding out and out until it looked like a small arm in her hands.. She slipped into the cool pool of water and rinsed herself off.

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